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Moorlands disConnect

When I phoned Moorlands Connect at 9.15am this morning to book a ride back from Hartington to Alstonefield at lunch time, I was surprised to be told that the service had been cancelled for the day because of the snow.

It seemed a very odd decision as there was very little snow on the roads which had been gritted and I wondered if the new vehicles were not suited to bad weather. I was used to the old bus service which had managed to keep running through most of the snowy winter last year.

We decided to walk to Hartington anyway and there, in the village square, was the Moorlands Connect bus. The driver told us the bus had been on the road since 7.30 am this morning and she was waiting for a passenger who had failed to arrive. She had heard nothing about the service being cancelled.

Our story ends happily as the driver gladly gave us a ride back to Alstonefield and was intending to speak to the call centre. I hope they sort themselves out!

Attempted Garage Burglary in Alstonefield

The following message has been received from Neighbourhood Watch:-

Overnight Thursday 18th / Friday 19th November an attempted garage burglary was committed at a dwelling in Alstonfield.  Entry was attempted by forcing off both handles to the garage door that remained secure.  No one was seen or heard.  Please make your neighbours aware of this attempted burglary.  Remind them to be extra vigilant and security conscious and to report any suspicious person or incident to the police immediately.

High speed broadband

BT are starting to extend their fibre network to improve Broadband speed. As Alstonefield has less than 1000 properties, the chances of getting any improvements at the Alstonefield Exchange are very very low, but if we can get 75% of the users at the Alstonefield exchange to show an interest, BT say they will “engage with the community to see what they can do to improve things”. I was the first to express an interest – perhaps other people would like to do it. Here is the link to express your vote:


Village Yard Sale

As you will read on the home/news page, this Sunday morning there is a Village yard sale in aid of the Water Appeal. There are four main sites around the village, selling everything from books and music to children’s toys and furniture. Each pitch will have a large poster clearly stating that all proceeds will be in aid of the church water appeal.
We have received enquiries from people planning to use their yards, and keeping their own profits. As we originally negotiated this with Brian Allen as a charity event, the PCC would ask, if this is your plan, would you kindly give your pitch fee to the car boot as it is their advertising that is bringing people into the village.
Thank you for your continued support and co-operation.
St Peter’s PCC

Any witnesses / info on this incident?

The website have received the following. Please help if you can:-

‘Hello, I wonder if you can help me please, ? Last night, Saturday 18th September ’10, a 4×4 vehicle reversed into my parked vehicle, a light blue Honda sports car at my home address, 1 Church Lane, Alstonefield, causing damage to the bodywork. My house is on the road leading down to the church and a line of vehicles were parked on there from early evening until approx. 9.30 pm (The 4×4 owner had the vehicle parked from before approx 7.00pm to 9.30pm) and I am assuming they were attending the concert that was being held at St Peters Church. Unfortunately, I do not know the full details of the vehicle that caused the damage other than it was a 4×4 in a ‘ Royal Blue ‘ colour, without the spare wheel on the rear door type possibly and the part registration may have been FD06 ???. It was the last car parked in the line on the right hand side facing the church and I would be very grateful if anyone could provide me with any information in order I can make contact with the driver, I am sure the incident happened inadvertently and the 4×4 driver is probably unaware that damage was caused to my vehicle. If any residents have any information regarding this incident, would you please contact me either on the above email  ddress or alternatively on my mobile number 07766078369. I realise this is probably a ‘ long shot ‘, but any information you can provide me with would be very helpful. Regards Brian Curtis

Microsoft email!!!

Have any of you received an email from microsoft requesting details? Such as date of birth, passwords etc…

This does not feel right. They are asking for this information so to update their system..

Is it dodgy or is it just me???