Sewing Machine Service required

I have been looking on our Services Directory but there is no listing of anyone who could service my sewing machine. Does anyone have a recommendation please?

2 thoughts on “Sewing Machine Service required

  1. cathy_r

    There’s a shop in Macclesfield – Phil Morton Sewing Machines, Mill Lane (on the right as you go into Macc from Leek direction) tel. 01625 433131. Have used him once, but not for some time.

  2. Vanelly

    Yes, that was me, and you’re welcome. As an act of ctiirotnon, I think you should give me the book, since you’d have never even found out about your fabric on the cover if it hadn’t been for me (well, maybe not as soon, anyway)! Then again, maybe you should keep it to build your skills!! 😉

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