There are defibillators (which are registered with the emergency services)  clearly located:

  • in the (unlocked) entrance lobby of Alstonefield village hall, and
  • on the wall of the toilet block in Milldale.


In  the case of a suspected heart attack/cardiac arrest, always dial 999 first.

Then, If you are competent in CPR (or if advised and guided by emergency services) begin CPR immediatelydon’t wait for medical or or other support. Give 30 chest compressions followed, if you’re able to, by two rescue breaths – and continue this process until help arrives.

If possible, get someone to help to fetch the defibrillator from the nearest location. You can call the Alstonefield Village Emergency Telephone System (VETS) number to summon one of the volunteer helpers to do this and provide direct help

VETS emergency telephone number (01335) 818 911.

The flow-chart below may help make the process clear (click to enlarge).

You can find out more about VETS and other emergency support here.

Defibrillator usage Instructions

The unit is designed to be used by anyone – no training is required. When the unit is opened, voice instructions guide the user through the process. It is automatic,  and will check the heart rhythm to confirm that a shock is required.

There are links below for anyone wishing (in a non-emergency situation) to familiarise themselves with use of the unit.

Click here to see a usage video