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Working Party – St. Peter’s Church

There are a number of small jobs needing attention at St. Peter’s, and we would like to ask for some help.  The next working party is on Saturday 8th September between 9.00 am. and 12.00 noon.  If you are able, could you bring one or two of the following:-

Paint brush (1″,2” or 4”) – for painting internal & external doors with linseed oil, cement trowel, spade, wheel barrow & working gloves. Ladies & gents welcome.  We will go ahead whatever the weather as there are plenty of inside jobs. Tea, coffee & biscuits will be provided!  Enquiries to me on 310125.  Many thanks.

Wakes Cricket Practice

The men v. women annual cricket match will take place on Wakes Sunday, 1st July,  at 1pm on the playing field.  Our practice sessions will start on Friday 1st June from 5.30 pm. and all are welcome to come along and have a go.  Ladies, gents & children up to age 11 are welcome, and there is no upper age limit!!   All equipment will be provided.  For more info about Wakes please see the Alstonefield Wakes page

Festival of Angels Thanks

A big thank you from Jani & I and the Alstonefield Arts & Craft Group to everyone who contributed in a whole ‘host’ of ways to make our Festival a great success and a hugely enjoyable experience for the community and visitors alike. You helped to hang banners in Church, put up road signs, organised the kitchen, baked & made cakes & soup, made sandwiches, washed up, did the food shopping, donated produce for the hampers, sold the produce for us, lit candles at night along the Church path, cleared up the Village Hall & Church afterwards, and many other little tasks too numerous to mention.  Our gross takings from Donations, Craft & Produce Sales and Refreshments were almost £5500, leaving a net profit of £4500 after food shopping and craft material expenses.  £1500 will be donated to each of the following: Katharine House Hospice, Stafford; Village Hall Extension Project; St. Peter’s Church Water Project. Thank you again!

The Big Dig Starts

We now have everything in place to start putting water into St. Peter’s. The digger will start on Monday 14th March to dig a trench from the church gate to the West door. We will dig by hand from outside the West door across the Tower floor to the place where the water is required in church. We also have to dig an access for the water to the boiler house. In addition we have to construct a waste water pipe system to a soak away outside the West door.

Any offers of manual help would be appreciated. We plan to have a working party on Saturday morning 12th March to start the work-9.00am-12.00 noon. We will also be working each morning whilst the digger is at work, 14th, 15th, & 16th March. After this we will assess what if any further work needs to be done.

If you are able to help please come along to give a hand bringing your own tools if possible-pick & shovel.

Thanks for your support

Ladies Cricket

The ladies of Alstonefield have again been challenged by the Gargoyles to a match on the afternoon of Sunday 19th September. If you would like to play, practice sessions will be on Fridays 5.00 pm. to about 7.00 pm, starting this coming Friday, 6th August. Any age – teenager to pensioner! Please come along. Any questions, please contact me on 310125.