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Incredible Indian Moments

Title: Incredible Indian Moments
Location: Alstonefield Memorial Hall
Description: Sights and stories of the Rajasthani sunshine, with Brian’s photos and Rob’s anecdotes.

Tickets £5 each, include some tasty treats, from Carrie 310009 or Meg 310488
Date: 2014-01-21

Missing Blue Bin

A blue bin has gone missing from outside the village hall between 9pm on Wednesday 31 August and 8am on Thursday 1 September. If you have any idea why or how a bin full of Yew Tree farm rubbish could have disappeared in this way please reply to this message.

Himalayan Balsam

I picked up a leaflet about the above in Ilam today. It’s another invasive non-native species which the government are asking us to control. A local project is currently underway with the aim of tackling it in this area.

The plants have purplish-pink slipper-shaped flowers just now, and when the seed pods mature they explode when touched, scattering the seed up to 7m away. We think we found some in a corner of our garden and have dug it up.

If you think you might have some you could check the picture at

Dovedale House Lemon Cake

At the sale on the village green on Monday I was lucky enough to buy the most delicious lemon loaf cake ever – so delicious that I’m offering £5 to Dovedale House if the baker would be kind enough to share the recipe?

Moorlands disConnect

When I phoned Moorlands Connect at 9.15am this morning to book a ride back from Hartington to Alstonefield at lunch time, I was surprised to be told that the service had been cancelled for the day because of the snow.

It seemed a very odd decision as there was very little snow on the roads which had been gritted and I wondered if the new vehicles were not suited to bad weather. I was used to the old bus service which had managed to keep running through most of the snowy winter last year.

We decided to walk to Hartington anyway and there, in the village square, was the Moorlands Connect bus. The driver told us the bus had been on the road since 7.30 am this morning and she was waiting for a passenger who had failed to arrive. She had heard nothing about the service being cancelled.

Our story ends happily as the driver gladly gave us a ride back to Alstonefield and was intending to speak to the call centre. I hope they sort themselves out!

Signs of spring

We saw our first swallow of the season last Saturday. He was sitting on the telegraph lines resting so we assumed he had just arrived from somewhere. Is that quite early for a swallow to arrive here?

Also enjoyed listening to and watching the curlews when we were out with the walking group today.

New posts

Have you seen that the word “post” has been painted on the road in several places in the village? An arrow from the word points to a spot where it seems the post is to be erected – though in the case of the one opposite the village hall the spot is on the dry stone wall. I am intrigued to know what might appear to need support from all these posts. Any ideas?