Mobile Phone – Network 3 Coverage

For Information:

Some parishioners have been experiencing problems with their Network 3 mobile phones. We are advised by a parishioner that there is no longer any Network 3 coverage in this area. If you have any more information on this, please comment.

6 thoughts on “Mobile Phone – Network 3 Coverage

  1. Rupert_H

    I know of two people in the village who have lost Network coverage with 3. Apparently they unilaterally terminated coverage without informing customers in the area, one of whom had just set up a new contract with them.

  2. richard_s

    This might be a bit of a long-shot:

    I looked at “3” some years ago. At the time they provided 3G cover for cities and 2G cover elsewhere using an alliance with (I think) T-Mobile.

    T-Mobile and Orange have just merged to create “Everything Everywhere” (who gets paid to think these up??)

    On my Orange phone, I was able to request roaming so it would connect to either T-Mobile or Orange – whichever is the strongest. In reality it very rarely connects to T-Moble.

    Now I wonder – is it possible that some T-mobile masts have been turned off as a result of this, and therefore can “3” users enable roaming to the Orange network?

    On the subject of coverage, I find I can’t get good Orange coverage at home. However, Orange support UMS which uses your home wi-fi and broadband connection to enhance coverage. You need a UMS-compatible handset.

  3. Sobaba

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