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Connection to internet

For some months now I have more and more frequently been faced with ‘Internet Explorer cannot display this webpage’, when everything was telling me I was connected.  My lovely ISP (Christian and very helpful) have tried everything to find out what is happening and, having exhausted all other possibilities, have arranged for a BT engineer to visit in the next day or two.  The suspicion is that the BT lines are not good enough – but whether they will be prepared to do anything about it I very much doubt!

If anyone is experiencing similar problems, it would be very helpful if you would let me know a.s.a.p.


Domesday Reloaded

It is interesting to read the Alstonefield entries from the Domesday Projecte 25 years ago (on the BBC web page). I hope someone (or several people) will find the time to update these entries for the “Reloaded” version.

High speed broadband

BT are starting to extend their fibre network to improve Broadband speed. As Alstonefield has less than 1000 properties, the chances of getting any improvements at the Alstonefield Exchange are very very low, but if we can get 75% of the users at the Alstonefield exchange to show an interest, BT say they will “engage with the community to see what they can do to improve things”. I was the first to express an interest – perhaps other people would like to do it. Here is the link to express your vote: