We’re the guys who wind the clock – tick-tock, tick-tock…….


The Church Clock is wound every 7 days by a group of volunteers, the rota being organised by Meg Handscombe.

Frank, Rob H;  Jon L, Neil, Paul B, Rob W, Richard L, Ken S, Kevin,  MartinS, Paul R, Martin D and Jon P.

Each person takes a 4 week slot during the year.  If you are interested in becoming a clockwinder when a vacancy arises, please contact Meg on 488.  The 2022 clock winding schedule  is available here for the convenience of clockwinders.

Carol Supper

Each year the Clockwinders provide entertainment(?) at the carol supper.  You can see how awful we are here:

2017 Clockwinders (second night)

2016 Clockwinders

2015 – Clockwinders Part 1     Clockwinders Part 2 – The Tributes

YouTube Video – Christmas 2013

YouTube Video – Christmas 2011

YouTube Video – Christmas 2010

YouTube Video – Christmas 2009

YouTube Video – Christmas 2008


Clockwinders 2023