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What a weekend!

Thank you to all those involved who helped to organise and create a truly lovely Wakes weekend.  It was great to see people come together to celebrate not only the Christian festival of the Wakes but also the family type community in which we live.  Like  all families, we need time to laugh, banter and be together in joint camaraderie so as to grow a strong sense of belonging. It is communities like Alstonefield which, if maintained by its citizens, will carry on old traditions (however quirky) into the next generation.  Time old events, like marching behind a brass band and singing hymns, will not be lost to our ever decreasing  cultural identity but be an upheld occasion to be proud of if, we join together and not shy away in front of a T.V screen. Days soon pass and blur into another without special occasions to mark them.  So with this in mind I would like to say how much  I appreciate the time and effort it takes from a team of dedicated people to make these events work so well, you keep our community and our heritage strong.  The memories of these days will last a lifetime and I’m sure my children will also remember these childhood days with a great fondness.

The Curlew’s

I was out walking with my family this evening. While enjoying the local views we were confronted with a great display of six or seven Curlew’s calling and darting through the sky..

Great that the breeding pairs of Curlew’s have been successful this year.

The curlew is the largest European wading bird, instantly recognisable on winter estuaries or summer moors with its long down-curved bill, brown upperparts and long legs. There have been worrying breeding declines in many areas largely due to loss of habitat through agricultural intensification. It is included on the Amber List as a bird with important breeding and wintering populations in the UK.

It would not be summer in Alstonefield, without the call of the Curlew.

The Abandoned Vehicle!!!

It has now been over four months that the abandoned Blue Ford Focus has darkened our streets..

After many calls and emails with the local council and local police we are no closer to moving this car! Yet, somebody from the council as been out and moved the yellow sticker in recent days. What a waste of time and money.
They have done this because the police state that it is not an abandoned vehicle.


This car is tax but the tax disc is not visible. Unfortunatley this is only a fixed penalty, with a fine of £100.

The police have the power to immediately remove any vehicle that is left abandoned in breach of local traffic regulation orders. They can also remove a vehicle that is causing an obstruction or is likely to cause a danger.

Looks like we are stuck with it for a few more months.

This is the low level of anti-social behaviour that we all hear about. Its not the end of the world but its bloody frustrating!

Its time for some good old direct action!!!

1950’s Memorabilia Required

I am collecting on behalf of my mothers local authority care home. They are proposing to decorate and equip a themed 1950’s parlour, shop, hairdressing salon and sitting room. This has been proven to aid residents suffering from dementia and memory loss.
Any 1950’s items that anyone can donate would be very much appreciated.

Please contact Robert 310406

Freeview Signal!!!!

Is anybody else having problems with their freeview signal?
My signal is breaking up most evenings around 19.00hrs till 22.00hrs.
It is some type of electrical fault that breaks up the digital signal.
We had the same problem about 3 years ago.
I have check my electrical appliances they a o.k.

Microsoft email!!!

Have any of you received an email from microsoft requesting details? Such as date of birth, passwords etc…

This does not feel right. They are asking for this information so to update their system..

Is it dodgy or is it just me???

Scrap Metal Collection

If you have any questions about the scap collection on August 21st please leave me your query…..And I will try and answer them.

If you have a large amount or are away please contact me.

Please do not leave any scrap on the playing field before this date and time. Thanks….

Cheers Ric…..

Remember August 21st 10.00am to 11.30am on the playing field.

Tara Allen and the three peaks!!

Hello everyone,
I would like you all to know that myself and a few other parents from Ilam school plan to do a charity climb of the three highest peaks in Great Britain; Ben Nevis in Scotland, Scafell in England and Snowdon in Wales. We hope to be able to climb these mountains and travel between them all in the short time of 24 hours
We are putting ourselves through this ordeal to raise money for laptop computers for the children of Ilam School,(where several of the children from Alstonefield attend.)
Please help and support our future generations by sponsoring our attempt at this challenge.
Donations can be made by following the following link:

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
p.s if you see me hobling around its the training blisters!!!