Freeview Signal!!!!

Is anybody else having problems with their freeview signal?
My signal is breaking up most evenings around 19.00hrs till 22.00hrs.
It is some type of electrical fault that breaks up the digital signal.
We had the same problem about 3 years ago.
I have check my electrical appliances they a o.k.

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  1. richard-a Post author

    Could it be something very local then??? Carrie were you on call last night? If so it could be radio interference from the F.R.V.

  2. richard-a Post author

    Once again saturday night was spent with no tv.

    Interference is radiated by electronic equipment such as DECT phones, lamps, electric fences, energy-saver lamps, computers, wireless routers, microwave ovens, videosenders, laptops, DVDs, TV sets … and can affect other electronic equipment – especially equipment that is designed for receiving extremely weak signals. (If you don’t believe this, try holding an AM radio next to them!) The interference is usually strongest behind the TV set so you must ensure that all coaxial “fly-leads” and wall plates are fully shielded, otherwise the inteference gets carried back into the Freeview or TV tuner!

    If you think you have problems of interference, move the Freeview receiver well away from the TV set (a source of interference), and the VCR/DVD, and switch off all other equipment in the house, including TV sets, DVD players, fluorescent and energy-saver lights, electronic insect frighteners/killers, computers and central heating. (Dimmer switches can cause problems). If this gets rid of the problem, switch everything back on, one by one, to track down the cause. If it’s a thermostatic switch or an ordinary switch, it may be possible to fit a suppressor.

    If the source of interference can’t be traced that way, see if you can hear it on any waveband on a portable radio or TV set. Tune it off-channel until you can hear the interference. Then walk around to see if you can pinpoint the direction. It could be a street lamp (common) or something in a neighbour’s house.

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