Where was the Black Lion Pub?

There was an inn called the Black Lion in the Alstonefield in 1815, and it may have been the building which had been taken over as a _________ by 1817.

Can you fill in the blank….

7 thoughts on “Where was the Black Lion Pub?

  1. brian_r

    Fortunately, there is mention of it on the web. It is thought to be in the house that became the workhouse. I wonder if Bob knows about this? If that’s correct there were 4 pubs in the village in the early 19th Century – and we think there’s an alcohol problem now!

  2. richard-a Post author

    Well done Brian. Sorry but no prize! The thought of 4 pubs in the village of today. Fantastic.
    Would that mean 4 cricket clubs?

    Now as you a such a smarty pants! Can you name the area in the village where a Quaker burial-ground was located around the 1680’s…

  3. richard-a Post author


    Only the odd Peak Park planner, tourist and D. of E. mini bus driver who park outside my window!!! That will teach them….

    But no Quaker’s here!

  4. noel_p

    Chaps, I remember reading somewhere – perhaps a history of Alstonefield – that there is indeed a Quaker burial ground along Gipsy Lane somewhere – perhaps Peter L might know.

  5. brian_r

    I’ve got another one for all you historians….. Does anybody have information about the Alstonefield Academy? Doris G has a newspaper article about this dating back to the early 19th Century, but where was it and what was it?

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