What a weekend!

Thank you to all those involved who helped to organise and create a truly lovely Wakes weekend.  It was great to see people come together to celebrate not only the Christian festival of the Wakes but also the family type community in which we live.  Like  all families, we need time to laugh, banter and be together in joint camaraderie so as to grow a strong sense of belonging. It is communities like Alstonefield which, if maintained by its citizens, will carry on old traditions (however quirky) into the next generation.  Time old events, like marching behind a brass band and singing hymns, will not be lost to our ever decreasing  cultural identity but be an upheld occasion to be proud of if, we join together and not shy away in front of a T.V screen. Days soon pass and blur into another without special occasions to mark them.  So with this in mind I would like to say how much  I appreciate the time and effort it takes from a team of dedicated people to make these events work so well, you keep our community and our heritage strong.  The memories of these days will last a lifetime and I’m sure my children will also remember these childhood days with a great fondness.

One thought on “What a weekend!

  1. brian_r

    Well said. I think it’s great that these old traditions continue to be so well supported. It was also good to see some new faces, both at the street party and the cricket match. Fortunately, the weather was kind to us this year, although the wind did test our resolve on Sunday evening outside the George!

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