Festival of Angels Thanks

A big thank you from Jani & I and the Alstonefield Arts & Craft Group to everyone who contributed in a whole ‘host’ of ways to make our Festival a great success and a hugely enjoyable experience for the community and visitors alike. You helped to hang banners in Church, put up road signs, organised the kitchen, baked & made cakes & soup, made sandwiches, washed up, did the food shopping, donated produce for the hampers, sold the produce for us, lit candles at night along the Church path, cleared up the Village Hall & Church afterwards, and many other little tasks too numerous to mention.  Our gross takings from Donations, Craft & Produce Sales and Refreshments were almost £5500, leaving a net profit of £4500 after food shopping and craft material expenses.  £1500 will be donated to each of the following: Katharine House Hospice, Stafford; Village Hall Extension Project; St. Peter’s Church Water Project. Thank you again!

3 thoughts on “Festival of Angels Thanks

  1. megh

    As a mere helper I would say it was a privilege to be involved in such a wonderful and happy event. Congratulations are due to the organisers who were undaunted by the size of the task and succeeded in producing such a successful festival.

  2. brian_r

    Thank you for allowing me to be part of the craft group for “Angels”. I was surprised how good the angel photos looked in church. I am sure this was all down to clever placement by Jani. The craft group worked for 2 years for this festival. I feel like a fraudster – I did my photos in just 2 weeks! Oh, and thank you Chris for taking me to that huge cemetry in Basel. The angels there were superb. ….Brian

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