Domesday Reloaded

It is interesting to read the Alstonefield entries from the Domesday Projecte 25 years ago (on the BBC web page). I hope someone (or several people) will find the time to update these entries for the “Reloaded” version.

One thought on “Domesday Reloaded

  1. brian_r

    Thank you, Lorraine for mentioning this. I had no idea. I’ve just searched the BBC site and found this amusing quote,
    “Vandalism in Alstonefield”
    Visitors to Alstonefield sometimes
    knock down walls, damage grassland,
    hurt wildlife, chase farm animals until
    they die of exhaustion, leave gates
    open allowing animals to roam free and
    perhaps be knocked over by cars or
    hurt in some other way, let their dogs
    off their leads, allowing them to
    chase sheep and hens and generally be
    a pest to all the village.

    I hope things have improved after 25 years.

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