3 thoughts on “Manifold show further success

  1. cathy_r

    Thanks Noel and well done Wendy. Am trying to compile a list of all the Alstonefield prize winners to post on Manifold Show page within next few days. Any other winners out there, let me know. Thanks. Cathy

  2. megh

    Yes, very well done Wendy. I felt it was a pity that most of the winning entries on display did not have names on them at the show – or am I missing something and everyone else knew who they were. I know it’s not done to boast, but when people have excelled it would be good to know who they are. I had to ask Paul who had taken the winning photo of him even though I might have guessed.

  3. lindsey_s

    Hi Cathy – I know he’s only a dog, but he’s called “Finn” not “Flynn” !
    Thank you x

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