Anybody recieving………..

Digital TV or DAB radio via an ariel ? If so, via which transmitter ? Also looking for a good local installer (one who uses a meter would be a good start!!) I’ve tried a DAB ariel (5 element) down here in Hopedale and can pick up National BBC stations, but that seems to be about it.

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  1. richard_s

    Hi Dave

    We receive digital TV from East Midlands, but this is on The Rakes. The signal is sometimes poor, which doesn’t suggest you will have much luck in Hopedale.

    Do you have line of sight for satellite?


  2. dave_l Post author

    Richard…. yes, already using Satellite. I wouldn’t bother but for the fact that I have digital terrestrial equipment from my previous location.

  3. brian_r

    Dave – I’m no expert in these matters, but if you already have a satellite dish you should already be getting digital TV and DAB radio. I have nearly 80 radio stations on my satellite TV. I wouldn’t have thought it would be any better quality by aerial. Our local installer is Mr Frith from Ilam on 350415

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