Millie, George and Daisy’s First day at school

How quickly time has passed!!!! It seems only yesterday when these little people were being introduced to their new community and already they are moving on to (slightly) larger pastures.

All the children appeared to forget all of their worries when they met up with their peers at Ilam and soon (too soon), also forgot about their parents. Tears were shed, but none by the children!!!

As I waved goodbye with quivering lips I remembered the saying ” give your children strong roots and wings to fly”. The strong roots are given by the safe, nurturing environment we strive to give our children so they feel secure and confident when they begin to ‘leave the nest’.
The wings we must allow for them to find themselves but hopefully with gentle guidence, respect and responsibility they will develop a passion for life and a sense of purpose.
So maybe one day these little fledglings will one day fly, but hopefully we will have given them strong enough roots to come back and share their wonderful  life experiences with us.

As a community we all help in providing this secure and nurturing environment and I thank you all for being part of their lives.

One thought on “Millie, George and Daisy’s First day at school

  1. cathy_r

    Hi Tara,
    it was lovely that we were around to see Millie yesterday morning in her new school uniform. She looked excited, full of anticipation, and perhaps just a little scared!

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