Ladies for Cricket?

The gentlemen of the Gargoyles Cricket Club have challenged the ladies of Alstonefield (and area) to a cricket match on the afternoon of Sunday 20th September! Interested in taking part? Please contact me or leave a comment here. Playing and non-playing roles available…..

3 thoughts on “Ladies for Cricket?

  1. richard-a

    I think it would be a fantastic idea… Battle of the sexes!!!

    But if the ladies are to grace the hallow turf of the play field.
    Then full whites must be worn!!! And NO HIGH HEELS..

  2. annabel_simms

    Ladies, or at least me have already bowled on the cricket square. I bowled a couple of overs at Ben Hammond and my brother, Oliver, in 2007. It wasn’t the high heels that were the problem, it was the horse i was riding (only joking).

    Richard, i will see you on the 20th September by which time i will have had time to perfect my demon bouncer.

  3. annie-b

    Hi Cathy!

    What a wonderful idea! If Elkstones can spare me from their afternoon slot I will endeavour to come (in full whites … but of a different kind!) and offer a blessing to the ladies from the sidelines. But would I then be being partisan? … I suspect so! I’m afraid I’m not going to offer to play as I’d be a total liability… Not just because I’m visually challenged, but I have a serious aversion to fast flying hard balls since being hit by one on the hockey pitch more decades ago than I’d like to admit! Perhaps in the interest of personal growth and with the aid of a hard hat and goggles I might be persuaded … Seriously, if you do need an extra and there’s no~one else available with a modicum of real talent then I may take up the challenge!

    annie b … in support of the under dog!

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