Field Names

Many of the fields and areas of land in the parish have names, for example Pen close, Cock and hen, Bridgley Bank all in Milldale.  Many of the names are know to the older families and could eventually disappear.  Would it be worthwhile collating such information?

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  1. brian_r

    Hi Noel – yes, I like that idea. I have often thought that a comprehensive map of all property and land in and around the Alstonefield area would be beneficial. This map could contain lots of interesting information about ownership, house/land names, post codes, even historical information. The biggest problem with this is probably the Data Protection Act, but I wonder, if the information/map was kept only for local use and not published outside the village would it then be possible?

  2. cathy_r

    Noel, yes I think it’s a good idea, and I have a feeling that the group who meet at the monthly coffee mornings in the village hall, may be collating similar information.

  3. janib

    Tim has maps with many field names on and yes, the Fri coffee mornings have been discussing the subject and coming up with many more.So lots of info already collected and absolutely facinating it is too. Contact me anyone who would like to have a look at it.

  4. oldharry

    A long shot and very late in the day, but when looking at the local maps , has anyone come across the ” Isle of Man Plantation ” ?….this is mentioned on more than one occasion in William Gould’s Diary [ 1783 -1792 & 1795 ] entries for Hartington and the surrounding area[ he was living at Pilsbury at the time ]
    No doubt it was felled to either build Nelson’s ships or provide pit props during the First World War…!


    Harry Wheeldon

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