Lode Mill Surveys

Hi everyone. You may recently have noticed some activity at Lode Mill by people in yellow jackets. This is because we have to undertake an archaeological survey for the Peak National Park as part of the planning application. In February we will also have a survey of the mill workings by The Midland Wind and Watermills Society. Once these are prepared I will send a copy of each report to the Parish Council to include in their archive, and by then I should be in a position to host the documents on www.lodemill.com as well, including a pictorial review of the mill interior.


2 thoughts on “Lode Mill Surveys

  1. cathy_r

    Hello Jim,
    many thanks for the update. It is really interesting to hear about your progress. Once your website is up and running we would easily be able to insert a link from this site to make it easy for people to look at pictures.

  2. jim_campbell

    For those of you who have noticed lack of progress on Lode Mill, we are still working on a desk study for flooding risk in the valley. Environment Agency now want 100 and 200 year flood levels but for the valley there is no data.
    As the EA and Peak Park planners can’t accept files bigger than 1Mb (I suggested they got a google email account – went down well) I have put some relevant files on http://www.lodemill.com/flood for those villagers who would like to have a look.
    Hopefully there will be something positive to report before long.

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