Monthly Archives: December 2009

Website Bugs

Following the unplanned upgrade to WordPress ver. 2.9 a number of features have broken. This is partly due to plugins which aren’t yet 2.9 compliant and partly due to customisations which must be reapplied.

Please respond with any additional problems you encounter.

Known bugs:

1. Users online (bottom of home page) not working FIXED
2. Contact Us – – form broken FIXED
3. User registration – I think there was an image on the registration page… can anyone remember what it looked like?
4. when a user logs in after first registering they are thrown into the registration page rather than the home page. If they logon from the sidebar on the home page they stay on the home page.

Lode Mill Surveys

Hi everyone. You may recently have noticed some activity at Lode Mill by people in yellow jackets. This is because we have to undertake an archaeological survey for the Peak National Park as part of the planning application. In February we will also have a survey of the mill workings by The Midland Wind and Watermills Society. Once these are prepared I will send a copy of each report to the Parish Council to include in their archive, and by then I should be in a position to host the documents on as well, including a pictorial review of the mill interior.