Bells Restoration – 1989

Bells Restoration (1989)

Recently, we have come into the possession of personal correspondence, notes and photographs relating to the installation of the bells in St Peter’s Church.   Even if you have been living in Alstonefield for only a few years you will recognise many of the faces in the photographs and names on the paperwork.

Within the bundle of papers are “blueprints” for the project, together with original correspondence from the various companies and helpers involved and over 100 photographs recording the removal of the old bells, delivery and installation of the new.  All of this documentation will soon be put into safe archival storage, but can be made available to anyone with a keen interest.  Some of the more interesting paperwork and a selection of the photographs have been digitally scanned and can now be viewed on the Alstonefield website – see links below.   (CLICK HERE  for the Photo Album)

The Bell Ringers and PCC are grateful to the late Bill and Jean Rhodes for their dedication, skill and knowledge to see this project through and for recording it so well.  We would also like to thank their daughters, Lindsey and Paula who have entrusted this bundle to our safe keeping.

Brian Ross (Tower Captain, St Peter’s Church)

February 2012


The bells and clock mechanism as they look today


Links to bells restoration documents

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Derek Tinsley 1      (letter of thanks to Bill Rhodes)

Derek Tinsley 2       (letter of thanks to Jean Rhodes)

Specification & Estimate 1

Specification & Estimate 2

Specification & Estimate 3

English Heritage      (letter of recommendation)

Floorplan     (proposed floor layout of new bell room)

Padstones      (technical info)

Tuning etc      (technical info)

Ringing World      (interesting published article on front page)

Dedication1     (Service of dedication – 1st Dec 1989)

Dedication2       (overview of the project)

NOTE – in Derek Tinsley’s overview (Dedication2) he states that Bell 3 was re-cast by Taylors in 1930.  We are informed by Geoff Burton OBE, who was part of the original restoration team, that it was Bell 1 that was re-cast by Taylors, not 3.  Bell No. 1 was the old Longton No.2 bell.

Dedication3      (those involved in the project)


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