Monthly Archives: October 2012

Music Sessions at The Oak, Wetton

Some of you may have noticed that a pattern has emerged! Every time there’s a Saturday concert in the village hall, the “survivors” meet in the Oak at Wetton the following day for lunch. Unfortunately, due to the current dietary restrictions I’m not allowed chips or beer (sob). Survivors usually consist of members of FCB (Festival Ceilidh Band) together with any other local musicians we can drag along. It’s all very informal. This time we will be joined by Mr Arnie Rainbow (Songwriter, guitarist and banjo player) from Mappleton. Last time we had Vicar Annie playing fiddle with us and Mr John Clarke demonstrating his ukelele talents! You don’t have to play or sing (unless you want to) just bring your ears! We start at noonish and have, on occasion, gone on ’til 4pm. The bar staff start dancing at around 3pm. Come and join in the fun, you’ll enjoy it. Mine’s a fizzy water! 🙁