The AED (Automated external Defibrillator) is  located at the Village Hall,  in the entrance lobby. It is in a secure enclosure and an access code is required to unlock it.

The Defibrillator is registered with 999 emergency services. The 999 operator will be aware of the location of the AED and will provide you with the access code.  The code  is on the side of the box and may also be obtained from:

First Responders

Village Hall Committee

Parish Councillors


In  the case of a suspected heart attack / cardiac arrest:

DIAL 999

If appropriate [advised by emergency services or on your own initiative if you are CPR trained]: apply CPR (immediately – don’t wait for First Responders or ambulance) and send someone to collect the AED

Usage Instructions

The unit is designed to be used by anyone – no training is required.  When the unit is opened,  voice instruction will guide the user through the process. However,  there are links below for anyone wishing (in a non-emergency situation) to familiarise themselves with use of the unit.

It is automatic,  and will check the heart rhythm to confirm that a shock is required.


Click here to see a usage video