Local History Group

The Alstonefield Local History Group (ALHG) was re-established in 2016, continuing the good Alstonefield Memories - image of book coverwork of an earlier group, the Local History Society, which published the book Alstonefield Memories*.

The aims of the ALHG are, in short, to capture and collate the history of our village for the future. (Full details can be found in our Constitution on this link n.b. this is a PDF file.) From time to time, exhibitions, talks or other presentations take place, to engage and inform those with an interest in the history of the area.

There is some general information on the history of the village in the About Us section of the site here. You can also find information on village family history including links to detailed information on church headstones, memorials and the wartime remembrance books here.

A key priority for the Group is the digitisation of documents, photographs, videos and oral Fireproof cabinetmemories, to limit, as far as possible, the loss of historic information that exists in the area. We also want to provide a secure local repository for documents or other items that people are willing to donate or loan, whilst keeping in mind the extensive archiving services also provided by Staffordshire Records Office (which we particularly do to wish to duplicate or detract from). Any documents or small items retained locally are kept in a specially-purchased fireproof cabinet. A database of all items is maintained, such that information can be readily-accessed using a variety of search methods.

So we are pleased to receive – or discuss options for – any items for potential loan or deposit; or documents that could be copied/scanned and preserved in a digital format. If you have anything that you think would be of interest  to the group and are able to scan it yourself, please do so and e-mail it direct to submissions@alstonefieldhg.org.uk. All items should be fully labelled, including who, what, where and when. Scanner If you do not have the facility to scan items yourself, then please contact Gordon Campbell on 07919 353 800, who will arrange for the items to be scanned on your behalf. Please note we own a dedicated scanner that can scan from above a variety of documents up to A3 size, so there is no risk of damaging the spine of books etc. during the process.

We also have a Facebook page, to which information, photos and documents will be published from time to time. Do visit the page and follow what we do.

*published jointly by the Alstonefield Local History Society and the Alstonefield Commemoration Group.