Leaden Boot Test Walk 12-13 May 2015

IMAG0519 (Copy)

Checking signal - top of Baley Hill

IMAG0521 (Copy)

View from Baley Hill summit

IMAG0524 (Copy)

Brian's Gate

IMAG0525 (Copy)

Descending Baley Hill to Checkpoint 1

IMAG0526 (Copy)

Bluebells on the Ascent to Ilam

IMAG0528 (Copy)

First view of Thorpe Cloud

IMAG0533 (Copy)

Descending Bunster Hill towards Ilam

IMAG0534 (Copy)

Ilam Church and Thorpe Cloud above Checkpoint 2

IMAG0537 (Copy)

From the Tea Room at Ilam

IMAG0539 (Copy)

Towards Paradise Walk

IMAG0542_BURST001 (Copy)

Wild Garlic on Paradise Walk

IMAG0543 (Copy)

Paradise Walk

IMAG0545 (Copy)

Musden Woods

IMAG0551 (Copy)

Clearing the path - Musden Woods

IMAG0553 (Copy)

Bluebells - Musden Woods

IMAG0554_BURST001 (Copy)

On the Climb towards Calton

IMAG0555 (Copy)

Dandelions near Calton

IMAG0557 (Copy)

Cattle near Slade

IMAG0561 (Copy)

Checkpoint 3 - Slade House

IMAG0565 (Copy)

View towards Thorpe Cloud on the path from Slade

IMAG0568 (Copy)

Walking towards Throwley

IMAG0571 (Copy)

Stile before the solitary tree

IMAG0573 (Copy)

The solitary tree

IMAG0574 (Copy)

Just before Throwley comes into view

IMAG0575 (Copy)

Throwley & ruins of Old Hall

IMAG0588 (Copy)

Walking towards Beeston Tor

IMAG0594 (Copy)

View of Beeston Tor

IMAG0602 (Copy)

View looking back from Beeston Tor path

IMAG0603 (Copy)

Another view from the Beeston Tor path

IMAG0604_BURST003 (Copy)

Beeston Tor

IMAG0606 (Copy)

Looking back towards the Manifold on the path towards Grindon

IMAG0608 (Copy)

Looking back to Beeston Tor on the path to Grindon

IMAG0609 (Copy)

Checking signals near Grindon

IMAG0612 (Copy)

Nearly at Grindon - Checkpoint 4

IMAG0627 (Copy)

Ossoms Hill Farm

IMAG0628 (Copy)

Sheep at Ossoms Hill Farm

IMAG0631 (Copy)

View towards Butterton

IMAG0632 (Copy)

Path from Grindon to Wetton Mill

IMAG0637 (Copy)

Orchids with Butterton Church just visible on the horizon

IMAG0638 (Copy)

Before the Descent towards Wetton Mill

IMAG0640 (Copy)

Heading towards the Manifold at Wetton Mill

IMAG0641 (Copy)

Wetton Mill Tea Rooms

IMAG0643 (Copy)

Welcome cup of tea at the river

IMAG0646 (Copy)

The Bridge at Wetton Mill

IMAG0651 (Copy)

Wetton Milll tea rooms in the early morning sunlight

IMAG0653 (Copy)

Walking towards Sugarloaf

IMAG0655 (Copy)

The path to Ecton Hill

IMAG0656 (Copy)

Looking back towards Broad Ecton Farm

IMAG0660 (Copy)

Sheep near the Ecton Hill Trig Point

IMAG0663 (Copy)

View from Ecton Hill

IMAG0666 (Copy)

The summit of Ecton Hill

IMAG0668 (Copy)

Ecton Hill Trig Point

IMAG0669 (Copy)

View from Ecton Hill summit

IMAG0670 (Copy)

View from the Trig Point

IMAG0671 (Copy)

Starting the descent of Ecton HIll

IMAG0672 (Copy)

View on the descent from Ecton Hill

IMAG0673 (Copy)

Half way down Ecton Hill

IMAG0679 (Copy)

Nearly at Checkpoint 5

IMAG0683 (Copy)

The Manifold Cycle Trail

IMAG0684 (Copy)

Walking towards Hulme End

IMAG0686 (Copy)

Just a nice view!

IMAG0695_BURST002_COVER (Copy)

Checking route Instructions & signal

IMAG0697 (Copy)

Stay away from the river bank edge!

IMAG0702 (Copy)

More Bluebells

IMAG0705 (Copy)

Looking back from path to Sheen

IMAG0707 (Copy)

Sheen 1/2 mile

IMAG0709 (Copy)

Sheen Village

IMAG0710 (Copy)

Starting the climb up Sheen Hill

IMAG0712 (Copy)

View of Sheen Hill

IMAG0715 (Copy)

Walking around Sheen Hill

IMAG0716 (Copy)

View from Sheen Hill

IMAG0719 (Copy)

Checkpoint 6 at Sheen

IMAG0721 (Copy)

Path clearance needed!

IMAG0724 (Copy)

The track from Sheen to Pilsbury

IMAG0726 (Copy)

Almost at Pilsbury

IMAG0728 (Copy)

The river at Pilsbury

IMAG0734 (Copy)

From the path to Hartington

IMAG0736 (Copy)

Near Checkpoint 7

IMAG0737 (Copy)

New Signposts

IMAG0743 (Copy)

View of Sheen Hill from the Hartington path

IMAG0747 (Copy)

Narrowdale Hills in the distance

IMAG0748 (Copy)

Below Carder Low

IMAG0753 (Copy)

Very pretty lambs!

IMAG0756 (Copy)

Checkpoint 8 - The Rook, Hartington

IMAG0759 (Copy)

Beresford Dale

IMAG0761 (Copy)

Beresford Dale Weir

IMAG0765 (Copy)

Final Challenge - Narrowdale Hill

IMAG0767 (Copy)

View from Narrowdale Hill back towards Hartington

IMAG0772 (Copy)

Alstonefield in sight!

IMAG0776 (Copy)

Stile towards Alstonefield

IMAG0780 (Copy)

A short stroll now to the Village Hall