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Ken Hallworth, who, along with his wife Irene, has bowled with the Club for many years, died just before Christmas.  We will miss him very much (especially his dry sense of humour and his helpfulness, even to those on the opposing team!) and send our sympathy to Irene.  His funeral is at Macclesfield Crematorium on Thursday 12th January at 12 noon.



The photograph shows, from left, Irene, Ken, Audrey Chambers            and Carol Harrison



We bowl – short mat bowling – in Alstonefield Village Hall on Monday afternoons at 2.00pm and Thursday evenings at 7.00pm – see below for more details.  After the Christmas break, we start bowling again on Thursday 5th January.  Do come along and give it a try. 

After 25 years of fairly consistent numbers of people bowling, Thursday evenings have been less popular recently.  We shall be looking at the possibility of changing from Thursday evenings to Friday afternoons.  If anyone has any views on this – could you come on a Thursday evening, but not on a Friday afternoon, for example – please let one of the officers know – details at the bottom of the page.

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We are always very happy to welcome new members – just come along and give it a try before committing yourself to membership – or drop in for an session now and then. The cost for a single evening is £2.00, or for each season (September to Christmas and Christmas to Easter) £20, plus 30p for tea and biscuits around the halfway point each time you come.

Where we came from and what we are about

Formed by an enthusiastic group of villagers in 1991, the Club lays down two specially designed green baize mats, on which we play an indoor version of flat-green panel bowls. Our bowls are smaller sized replicas of the outdoor, biased, “woods” with which many will be familiar. The objective, common to both disciplines, being to land your bowl closest to the “jack”. There are a few subtle differences, but the indoor game is simple to learn and easy to play – whether young or old, female or male, if you can stand and hold a bowl, you can soon mix it with the best of them!

All bowls, jacks and necessary equipment are supplied by the Club. The only items of special apparel asked of intending new members being a pair of flat-soled casual shoes; to keep the playing surfaces clean and sound.

You could fairly describe the atmosphere at a typical session as, light-hearted. Laughter and innocent banter bring the hall to life and, although the few straightforward rules are followed,  it is the social aspect of our meetings that always takes precedence over any win-at-all-costs attitudes.  Teams of up to four are formed from among those who are present and each game runs until the leading team racks up twenty-one points. No prizes are given for that feat and none are asked for – though we do sometimes hold a tournament, with plaques going to the winners.

New members are most welcome and for anyone unsure as to whether the game – or the company! – will suit them, well, just give it a try. We won’t pressure you. Nor is it necessary to sign up immediately for a full season’s membership; we offer a low-priced visitors’ single session rate that allows you to judge for yourself whether the Club is right for you.

Here’s hoping to see you at one of our afternoon or evening sessions. Or, if you’d like a chat first, contact Club Secretary, Gilbert Chambers on: 310 259

Club meetings in Alstonefield Village Hall:

September – Christmas and Christmas – Easter: Monday afternoons from 2.00pm to 4.00pm and Thursday evenings from 7.00pm to 9.00pm.

After Easter – August: – Most Monday afternoons and Thursday evenings, depending on how many people are available.


September – Christmas and Christmas – Easter: £20 per ‘season’.

After Easter – August: No subscription, but those who come divide the cost of hiring the hall between them.


Membership is open to everyone, but if you would like to give bowls a try first, or to bring your friends, non-members can just pay £2.00 per session.


Tea, coffee and biscuits are available at ‘half time’ at a cost of 30p.


CLUB OFFICERS 2016-2017:

Chairman: Frank Yates.          Tel: 310 217
Secretary: Gilbert Chambers. Tel: 310 259
Treasurer: Irene Hallworth  Tel: 310407





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